Empires of Magic, Book One: Firesoul

Tristan, a Ranger working deep inside Panic Wood, a cataclysmic storm, a ship named the Dreaming Wyrm, and allies that form an uneasy truce in order to battle a former conspiratorial Kelmist court sage – sarcastic, color changing dragons, a unique system of magic, beautiful and original cities, complex and emotional characters, and rare beasts of all sorts combine to create a new world that readers will find fascinating and imaginative while simultaneously steeped in issues of morality and conscious. The first in a five-part series, Firesoul introduces readers to Aulop, the first of a reborn sect of mages. Aulop struggles to come to terms with himself and his guilt as he discovers the nature of his new power while chasing a call that pulls him to the novel’s antagonist, a man who becomes powerful in his own right.

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The Battle of the Ageless

This is a short story I wrote with my writing partner and fellow educator Brian Wood, author of the novel Dreamworld. We worked on it for about a month, trading it back and forth before editing. We both love this piece and imagine that it could one day be a part of an expanded world. We tried to challenge ourselves with narration and think you, our readers, will find the protagonist unique and conflicted. Let us know what you think by signing our guestbook.

The Rebellion

This is another story I wrote with my buddy Brian Wood. It takes place somehow or another in the same fantasy realm as “Battle of the Ageless,” but aside from a similar creature occurrence (and a fun one at that), the similarities stop there. I think we wrote this one just to do to a protagonist what we do at the end. The imagery is fun in this story, but the plot isn’t nearly as clever or intriguing to me as “Ageless”. Enjoy… if for nothing more than to read about stuff dying.