Empires of Magic, Book One: Firesoul

Tristan, a Ranger working deep inside Panic Wood, a cataclysmic storm, a ship named the Dreaming Wyrm, and allies that form an uneasy truce in order to battle a former conspiratorial Kelmist court sage – sarcastic, color changing dragons, a unique system of magic, beautiful and original cities, complex and emotional characters, and rare beasts of all sorts combine to create a new world that readers will find fascinating and imaginative while simultaneously steeped in issues of morality and conscious.  The first in a five-part series, Firesoul introduces readers to Aulop, the first of a reborn sect of mages. Aulop struggles to come to terms with himself and his guilt as he discovers the nature of his new power while chasing a call that pulls him to the novel’s antagonist, a man who becomes powerful in his own right.

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Till the Last Heartbeat – The Autobiography of Joe Heskett

Joe shares his message of Athletic Transferable Skills in the moving story of his childhood, his rise in wrestling fame, and the abrupt end to his Olympic dreams. Till the Last Heartbeat is a work that delves into the psyche and past of one of America’s best wrestlers. A four-time D1 All-American and member of the USA Wrestling World Championship team, Joe weaves a complex tale of his competitive nature, leadership endeavors, family life, and ambitious goals in a unique autobiography that reads like a novel but serves as almost a set of guidelines or suggestions for taking the lessons he learned and applying them to life.  COMING SOON

Empires of Magic, Book Two: Shadow Walker

The Eastern Empires battle a growing force from the North. And with new mages from each nation, the costs could prove too much. As the Shadow-walker reinvents magic in a new way, his ambitions are challenged by a familiar set of characters including Tristan and his friend Map the dragon. More details and excerpts coming soon.