Why I ever thought that publishing a novel (once someone wanted it, of course) was going to be easy, I have no idea.

Let’s see. After writing the initial draft of Firesoul, the book went through various stages of editing. I read through and made changes perhaps a dozen times, only on the last few go-rounds really doing much in terms of deletion… ultimately to the tune of about 5,000-8,000 words.

Readers were my strategy for attack. I had friends, co-workers, and others all go through the book, some more exacting than others, but all with the goal to find inconsistencies and major errors. At least a dozen times I mixed up characters and called them by the wrong name.

During this time, I was also playing with the ideas for subsequent books in the series and drafting notes on how they’ll all tie together.

My publisher and editor next got involved. They give the final verdict on typos and the like and also work on finding issues or areas of concern. Keep in mind that the text isn’t the only arena for thought; we have to address marketing, production, sales, and other details. I never thought I’d sit down with a publisher to figure out the exact dimensions of my novel when it was printed. I thought that all just happened by magic or something.

Regardless, Firesoul is now in the production stages and will be ready to go soon. It’s my first novel, and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.